"Tori was simply spectacular on stage... I was enthralled by her performance and very much look forward to her gracing our fair city again sometime in the future. She is a true star with such enthusiasm, and completely original music that dives deeply into the hearts and minds of those lucky enough to see/hear her in person. Her stage presence is stunning"
--Skyy Guy, She-Boom! Radio, CHLY 107.3FM

"The talented Tori Sparks... is a knockout..."
--Joe McCombs, The Village Voice

"Here's a singer/songwriter with the strong, eloquent vocals of Bonnie Raitt and the guitar mastery of Joni Mitchell... a bounty of subtle rock and haunting blues."
--Nancy Dunham, Relix

"Tori Sparks' voice isn't one of those passive instruments that treats a lyric like it's a classified ad... Here is a supple, teasing voice that flutters and flies seemingly without effort from note to note, line to line, so that weepy sensitivity and pleading vulnerability cozy up with tough resilience and firm resolve so seamlessly you never even notice the mood swing."
--Jeff Tamarkin, Harp Magazine

"Tori Sparks is one of those independent singer-songwriters who's so driven it seems like signing with a record label would only slow her down. Sparks sings with distinct intensity - Scorpion is bluesy folk-rock in a Tom Waits vein: rough-edged, worldly-wise and potent.
--Jewly Hight, The Nashville Scene

"The Scorpion in the Story is an Americana opera. I've listened to it at least a couple hundred times already."
--Larry Timko, Down Home Cookin' with Larry T (WKIX)

"Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen....I can see [Tori's] name printed boldly amongst these illustrious phenomena...The Scorpion In The Story is definitely a keeper... Words fail me to describe why I enjoy it so much."
--Evert Wilbrink, Folkwax

"Sparks needs little in the way of effects or layering to get her music across... strong and fabulous..."
--Jason MacNeil, PopMatters

"Tori Sparks [is] a folky singer/songwriter graced with a fiery, gutsy delivery worthy of Ani DiFranco..." [5 stars]
-- Margaret Reges, All Music Guide

"A sensuous blend of folk, blues and rock. ... Sparks proves herself a soulful songwriter and vocalist who at once manages both strength and vulnerability. An assured, auspicious disc that should bring [Sparks] deserved national attention." [4 stars]
--Amanda Schurr, Creative Loafing

"Drenched in drama, featuring Sparks' torrid vocals splashed over self-penned, alternative roots-rock numbers that sizzle with authenticity."
--LCB, Performing Songwriter

"Scorpion is my favorite record I've heard in years. It hasn't left my CD player!"
-- Bart Herbison, Executive Director of NSAI (Nashville)

"With the grit of Chrissie Hynde, the sadness of Martha Davis in the Motels, and the pure sensualness of Margo Timmins from the Cowboy Junkies, this girl hurls you onto planet Sparks and leaves you there ...[Tori Sparks] is truly, one of the most original artists I have heard in a long, long time."
--Rebecca Rego, Music News Nashville

"Tori Sparks manages to avoid the misstep of sounding like every other coffeehouse-circuit singer... Sparks seems to have approached the arrangement of each song on its own...[she] wisely avoids the write-the-same-song-twelve-times approach favored by many young artists. Every track... sounds like Tori Sparks, but none of the songs sounds like another one."
--Bill Kopp, Skope Magazine

"Those are the songwriting skills of someone like Roseanne Cash...Providence RI [from Under this Yellow Sun] has Springsteen a la Nebraska or Darkness on the Edge of Town magic about it."
--Jon Delange, Tinderbox Music

"Tori is a treat to have live in the studio... An excellent songwriter with incredible, fun energy."
--Nick James, WFPK 91.9FM Louisville

"[Tori Sparks] has displayed... a voice that is equal parts elegant, striking and rangy, while her songs can be soothing, evocative, or energetic."
-- Ron Wynn, Nashville City Paper

"Tori Sparks is... a guitar whiz."
-- Steve Shanafelt, The Mountain Xpress (Bele Chere Festival Preview)

"Tori Sparks is aptly named - she definitely has that spark in her performance!"
-- Chuck Leavell, Pianist for the Rolling Stones (1982 - present)

"Besides her great talent, Tori is also one of the hardest-working independent artists out there."
-- Michael Jonathan, Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour

"Like Natalie Merchant and Madeline Peyroux getting together to do heroin... in an awesome sultry way."
-- CJ Watson, 2008 Kerrville New Folk Winner

"[Tori] is an excellent songwriter... Her songs are well crafted, personal and at times introspective. ... More than anything, Sparks deserves to be recognized for her voice. It can take her about anywhere she wants
-- it's that good."
--David Bowling, The DailyVault

"There is a very sensual quality to her voice. It just drips with emotion...damn near heartbreaking. ...The songs are well written, interesting and catchy without being trite. The musicianship is fabulous... a fantastic album."
--Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds

"[Sparks] packs a wallop of a voice... each song proves that she's more than just a pretty face."
--Paul Barbatano, Dayton City Paper

"Just damn good... [an] exuberant and muscular vocalist/songwriter/guitarist."
--Chris Uebbing, Infringe This!

"[Tori] should add The Pretenders to [her] list of influences. In a good way. I'd take that any day."
--Ben Folds

"[Tori's] dynamic live show is equal parts soulful singing and zany stand-up-style humor... falls somewhere between Dixie rock, folk blues, and Americana."
--Joyce Arnold, City at Night Magazine

"Sparks' bluesy vocals and intensely rhythmic groove paints a sexy and sultry sound that's a joy to hear in any venue... [the] songstress rocked the room, drew listeners from tables in the back to the stage front and pulled people in from off the street (yes, during SXSW) to hear her..."
--Anny Randel, Savvant Music

"Sparks. . . [has] stuck to her muse and it was exactly what people wanted."
--John Stoehr, Savannah Morning News

"Americana-Rock artist Tori Sparks sounds like one tough, passionate cookie. Her voice has the gritty blues of countrified Etta James and the cool growl of Janis Joplin. [Under This Yellow Sun] is blessedly full of simple truth, kick ass guitar riffs and soul baring song writing. ... It's obvious that Tori Sparks is the real thing."
--Carolina Jones, Unsigned Magazine

"A fearless performer, she is notorious for her blend of quirky humor and fiery delivery and has fused a sound and astyle that is unmistakably her own."
--Cassaundra Baber, Utica Life & Times

"I found her vocal stylings interesting, different...Her music possesses a grit and angst not heard much today..."
--Brooke Welu, Northeast InTune Magazine

"...Both concise and taut mixtures of lyrics with music that are thoughtful and evocative without being pretentious. ... Discover Sparks' powerful voice now...!"
--Ron Saranich, Cosmik Debris

"All of her hard work is starting to pay off... Yet, with all the apparent beginnings of commercial success, Sparks remains incredibly focused on the reason she sings and plays: the passion that fuels the creation of her music."
--Don Swaby, Melt Magazine

"When Tori began to sing I got chills down my entire body. I have never been in a room where a woman, or man's for that matter; voice can bring me to that level. ...From song to song, I just wanted more... The show was a success from every possible angle. After a few hours of stories from Tori, I was nothing short of completely satisfied."
--Ricky Lee Potts, IndyConcerts.com

"Tori can rock so seductively then revert to a striking emotive process. . . there is nothing formulaic that you can pigeon-hole."
--Carmine Pascuzzi, Media Search (Australia)

"[Tori's] dynamic live show is equal parts soulful singing and zany stand-up-style humor..."
-- Dave Drebes; Arch City Chronicle

"Sparks' hard work and constant touring is starting to pay off... Musically, Sparks doesn't sound much like... any other young female singer-songwriter you've ever heard."
-- Michael Summers, Fort Wayne Reader

"This multi-talented artist really struts her stuff... Her warm gutsy vocals are full of soul... mixed with lots of attitude. You'll want this one for your record collection."
--Brad Fischer, Nashville Music Guide

"Sparks lets go of the typical restraints of the singer-songwriter stigma... She makes me want to grab hold of life... Sparks shows something that many artists forget - the truth."
--Jeff Russell, Murfreesboro Pulse